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When you are bleeding to death every month….. Can Homeopathy Help?

By : Gitanjali Goel   on : 04/07/2018

Trisha came to see me for her problematic periods which were getting heavier and extremely painful with every month that passed by. She never thought that it was in any way abnormal until she reached the point where she had to be admitted in ER for blood transfusion. Her iron stores were depleted and she was left with no energy. She was released from the hospital with a prescription of few iron pills, nobody bothered addressing the issue of the painful and heavy periods. This became a routine where she had to go to the hospital every month for blood transfusion after shedding blood each menstrual cycle.

Later her family doctor ordered a few tests to rule out possible reasons for her condition. Her scans showed that she had fibroids. Her doctor advised her Uterine Artery Embolization, to shut off blood supply to the fibroids and other areas of the uterus. She went ahead with the surgery only to find no relief. She dealt with excruciating pain every month. Her periods were getting even more intense. Another scan revealed that she was having numerous fibroids and Uterine Artery Embolization was not an option. Now she was advised to go for a hysterectomy as her doctor suspected she has endometriosis. Bleeding to death every month was not easy but she couldn’t convince herself for the hysterectomy and instead started to look for other options. One of her friends, who was my patient, referred her to me.

After full consultation, I came to know about various aspects of her life. Her symptoms guided me to choose a constitutional remedy to treat her endometriosis. After a couple of months’ treatment the bleeding and pain both decreased. She is still under my care. Her latest scan showed only two tiny fibroids. I am quite hopeful that next scan will show no fibroids.

Currently I am offering 30 minute Free Happy Hormones Breakthrough Discovery Session, if you want to know more how homeopathy can make your crappy hormones happy hormones, it is the time to book an appointment by clicking

Could Homeopathy Halt Nausea During Pregnancy?

By : Gitanjali Goel   on : 03/14/2018

The happiness of being pregnant just vanishes away when you are dealing with morning sickness every single day. For some it isn’t just there for morning hours, they have to suffer day and night. It becomes a burden and you wish you were not pregnant. But not anymore because Homeopathy is there to rescue…

Today I will be discussing a few of my cases where nausea was put to a halt with homeopathic remedies.

Case 1: Paula came to see me in her first trimester as nausea was ruining her pregnancy. She was not able to eat or drink anything. She was not able to bear the smell of food cooking and everytime she tried to cook something, smell made her nauseous. She couldn't have milk, raw eggs, or soup, all because she was gagging at the mere thought of those items. Along with these symptoms, she also complained that she was feeling a cold sensation in her stomach. At times she felt flatulent with a distended abdomen. I prescribed her colchicom and she was back to her normal self and enjoyed her pregnancy.

Case 2: When Kim came to see me for her nausea during her pregnancy, she felt terrible because every morning she had to deal with bouts of nausea but she wasn’t able to vomit. Eating also never helped to relieve the nausea. She loved fatty and rich food. She also told me that she craves pungent and bitter things. Nux vomica was able to tame down her nausea successfully.

Case 3: Sapna’s nausea was not just tormenting her during the mornings but was affecting her constantly throughout the day. She was very emotional and even crying while telling her symptoms. She felt better in open air. She loved to have fatty and rich food which always upset her stomach. Pulsatilla was the remedy for her to feel better and it certainly helped her to enjoy her  pregnancy.

There are many remedies to help bring the nausea under control. If you want help with your nausea, you can book a 15 minute free consult with me.

***Free 15 Minute Consultation***

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Our homeopaths are highly trained in treating acute and chronic conditions. We are dedicated to provide rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health using patient centered approach and the most effective homeopathic care. Our homeopaths keep upgrading their skills and expertise with ongoing professional learning.
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We offer personalized services to address the many and varied healthcare needs we all face every day. Evidence informed & guided medicine is the foundation of all our therapies. Our primary goal is to treat the underlying cause of the disease, not merely suppress the symptoms
We offer personalized services to address the many and varied healthcare needs we all face every day. Evidence informed & guided medicine is the foundation of all our therapies. Our primary goal is to treat the underlying cause of the disease, not merely suppress the symptoms
We care about you. We take the time to listen and understand your health concerns. We treat every patient as a unique individual with specific needs
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